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Emeline Piot x Mathon Paris

Boucles d’oreille Quetzalcóatl
Ras de cou Anqa
Bague Ara
Boucle d’oreille unique Gor Orish-Nla
Boucles d’oreille Eden
Collier SER

  • Tableau

  • Boucles d’oreille Quetzalcóatl

    Emeline Piot, Boucles d’oreille Quetzalcóatl- 2019. ©adagp, 2019

    spinelles rouges coussin allongé - tourmalines néons - spinelles noirs - spinelles dégradés roses et violets - spinelles rouges - saphirs roses - saphirs violets - diamants - émeraudes


    Emeline Piot, Bague Nkúma - 2019. ©adagp, 2019

    spinelle rouge-orange - spinelles noirs cabochon - spinelles rouges - tourmalines Paraíba - saphirs bleus - diamants GVS - émeraudes

  • Ras de cou Anqa

    Emeline Piot, Ras de cou Anqa - 2019. ©adagp, 2019

    améthyste poire - pierres de lune grises boule - cabochon - spinelles rouges - diamants - émeraudes - grenats spessartites - améthystes

  • Bague Ara

    Emeline Piot, Bague Ara - 2019. ©adagp, 2019

    tourmaline Araçuai poire - tourmalines néon - saphirs roses - spinelles noirs - spinelles rouges - saphirs jaunes - diamants GVS - émeraudes - grenats spessartite - rubis

  • Boucle d’oreille unique Gor Orish-Nla

    Emeline Piot, Boucle d’oreille unique Gor Orish-Nla - 2019. ©adagp, 2019
    tourmaline verte poire - rubellites poire - émeraudes poire - iolites poire - émeraudes boule lisse - tourmalines roses boule lisse - rhodolites boule lisse - tourmalines indigolite - tourmaline Paraíba - tourmaline rose princesse - tourmalines néon - topazes impériales - spinelles rouges - diamants GVS - aigues-marines - saphirs roses - saphirs violets - grenats

  • Boucles d’oreille Eden

    Emeline Piot, Boucles d’oreille Eden - 2019. ©adagp, 2019

    grenat spessartite - tourmalines roses poire - améthystes poire - citrines boule facettée - turquoises boule lisse - tourmalines néon - tourmaline bleu-vert oval - spinelles rouges - saphir jaune - saphir jaune ovale - tanzanites -grenats spessartites - grenats color-change - saphirs violets - saphirs roses - diamants GVS - émeraudes

  • Collier SER

    Emeline Piot, Collier Ser - 2019. ©adagp, 2019


    Emeline Piot, Collier Nyiama - 2019. ©adagp, 2019


    Emeline Piot, Manchette Pisces- 2019. ©adagp, 2019


    Emeline Piot, Sautoir Janus - 2019. ©adagp, 2019

Emeline Piot x Mathon Paris

L’architecte et les magiciens

The unique Collection was designed and realized with the artist Emeline Piot.


More than a collection of jewellery pieces, this collection is first and foremost the story of a human encounter, an intense, rich and fruitful collaboration between the artist and the craftsmen of Atelier Mathon. This unique Collection is the result of a special collaboration that symbolizes a new way of thinking and crafting jewellery piece in line with Mathon’s signature.


The prolific work of Emeline Piot focuses on animal and plant themes, themes that find a real echo in the Mathon’s world. The omnipresence of colour in the artist work mixt with the colorful jewellery offered by the workshop. Such inspirations and common attributes aroused a strong desire to work together.


Starting from a monumental pictorial work specially created for Mathon, Emeline Piot has offered a series of jewellery drawings wonderfully linked together. Then Emeline Piot and each craftsman worked in the realization of the pieces, making the creations evolve and adapting the manufacturing techniques.


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