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A human story embodied

The Mathon soul is attached within the family’s history, driven by Roger Mathon, grandfather of the current leader, Aude.


From the post-war period, the artist Roger Mathon, trained at the Arts Decorative and at Ecole Boulle, deployed its creative talents in various artistic fields such as painting, modelling and ceramics. After gaining various experiences, he eventually settled on jewellery drawing. He drew his inspiration from nature and the lush environment of his country home. The animals of the forest, the plants and the flowers feed his creations with an organic aesthetic, thus creating the Mathon style. Inspired by his creative genius Roger sketched, painted, carved boxwood and shaped bronze, in search of silhouette and texture. He imposed quickly his vision and unique style to the Parisian Houses and workshops that multiplied orders. At work as in the country house, where they raised their children, Roger was supported by his wife Louise. In the early 70’s, they took over Atelier Bournadet, thus obtaining a workshop to manufacture Roger’s creations. It was a lavish era where everything was allowed, the projects were numerous and they moved forward faster.


Shortly after, Roger enlisted his children, who brought within their area of expertise a new growth. Catherine, incorporated within her jewellery designs coloured stones and within her jewellery designs, which laid down the signature of the MATHON PARIS brand. Frédéric undertook the overseas market, laying the foundation for Asian and American development. Pascal introduced the first technological innovations into the workshop, skilfully combining craftsmanship and modern techniques.

In the 2010s, the couple Aude and Jean-Baptiste, gradually joined this venture. Together, they combined a humanist approach to management with a controlled method of production.


Beyond the creation style, nature has filled the soul and heart of the Mathon family with simplicity, sincerity and authenticity. Discretion and humility are the fundamentals. This is why Aude and Jean-Baptiste put at the heart of their workshop’s development kindness and love of delicate craftsmanship. This was achieved through the intelligence of craftsmen combined with decades of business expertise.


These values reflect the mood and the Mathon style. They have shaped the workshop and continue to shine today.

Deep within the soul

Deep within the soul

Roger Mathon

« My father was perceived as a complete artist. His clients naturally spoke of him as someone great for creation. »

« He has managed to gain credibility among all the workshops, their clients and the famous houses of Place Vendôme. »

« Beyond drawing, he wanted to create new materials with different surfaces. He was interested in the look and feel. He was resolutely modern. »


Frédéric Mathon

Optimal balance

Optimal balance

Frédéric, Catherine et Pascal Mathon

« I was taking care of international affairs, Catherine was drawing, Pascal was in charge of production. We were complementary. The business was not relying on one person. It was our strength. »

« The trust between us and our work continuity for years has been the strength of the company. We have always worked for the company to be in good financial health, flourishing and developing efficiently. »

« We had to set, cast, polish, master the entire production line, control it and not rely on small subcontractors in other trades. It was necessary to master these related trades for which we had limited knowledge. »

« We have always sought to keep creation as our DNA. If we had been a simple basic subcontractor we would have lost our know-how, the creative DNA of our father. »


Frédéric et Pascal Mathon

Passion for commitment

Passion for commitment

Aude Mathon and Jean-Baptiste Donnet

« My father laid down the foundation. He intuitively thought that Jean-Baptiste would succeed him, and that we would form a good team. By offering us this opportunity, he placed his trust in us. »

« I liked this opportunity: a small structure being able to do a lot of things, both operationally and strategically whist giving my all. Having these opportunities given to us two, together, as a couple, is exhilarating. It’s more than just a job, it’s our life and a pleasure most of the time. »

« With Aude we found ourselves driven by the same motivation and vision of life. Vision that we try to convey in the company, to those around us, jewellers, polishers and gemsetters. We are leading this venture together. »

« The Mathon family is not just about Aude, Frederic, Pascal or Catherine, but about all those who put their hearts to work. Everyone around us who makes jewellery puts their hearts into their work. They are part of the wider Mathon family. »


Aude Mathon et Jean-Baptiste Donnet