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Expertise of excellence

Very early on, the demand for perfection, specific to the luxury world, led Frédéric Mathon to integrate all trades within his workshop, from casting to polishing. This organization was uncommon at a time when the workshops were still small establishments that gathered craftsmen from the same corporation. This process allowed a better control of the jewel quality, throughout the manufacturing operation.


Today, the workshop focuses on training young people to develop specialized skills that have become rare, such as chiselling, lacquering, bead threading and watchmaking. This requirement of ongoing education reflects the vision, the ambition and the modernity of the Mathon company.


Passion, creativity and meticulousness of craftsmen and trades expertise is fully expressed within design, model’s realization, casting, jewellery, setting and polishing which are key stages in manufacturing. Men and women of Mathon House cultivate and pass on ancestral know-how, to which technology today provides considerable support, pushing the boundaries to go beyond and further.




When idea takes shape

Every creation is the result of an emotion, a unique inspiration that comes from a synergy, a designer idea translated through his pencil. On the drawing board first, then with the help of a 3D design software, the idea takes shape, the volume is structured around tiny mechanisms to materialize exceptional jewellery piece. Silhouette, comfort and fluidity of the piece are all components that provide an optimal rendering, which, on the finger, neck or wrist of client must be noticeable.

Yohan, Creator – Designer




The first step of materialization of the piece is the casting. This is the fundamental step of the birth of precious metal jewellery. This was made possible by a complete transformation process.

The waxes made by the modeller are mounted on a tree, which is cast in the plaster. This plaster is a negative image of the object to be melted. The passage in the oven allows the sublimation of the wax. The gold transformation then happens. The molten metal poured into the crucible replaces the wax in the plaster tree. A thermal shock is needed to break the crust of the tree and reveal the fruits: a multitude of gold pieces that will be the building part of the jewellery. So many stages disrupt the creation of the jewel with suspense, and make the richness and complexity of the profession of foundry as it perpetually evolves.

Christophe - Founder



Metal work

The jeweller works, limes and softens the gold pieces from issued by the casting operation. He shaped and assembled with meticulousness, dexterity and patience, all the elements of the jewel before welding them, in order to bring forth a volume according to the design of the creator. The sensitivity of the touch, the precision of the gesture and the accuracy of the eye are at the heart of the meticulous construction of the jewel. Worn by the client, the piece must be a second skin and stand out. All the art of the jeweller lies in this careful attention between the magnificence of the jewel and the indispensable lightness of the piece.

Élodie - Jeweller



Revealing a passion

The vocation of the polisher is to sublimate the precious metal. With his cotton cloths, brushes, and stamps, he works to remove all the imperfections of the metal to give it the desired finish – brushed, satin, or shiny. In synergy with the jeweller and the gemsetter, the polisher brings rhythm into the construction of the piece. His impeccable and meticulous search, in every angle in search of the slightest defect, even invisible to the eye, reveals the beauty of the jewel. The high standard of perfection attached to polishing a piece testifies to the high quality of French jewellery.

Thibaut - Polisher



Magnificent gems

First of all, the gemsetter dreams of the piece. Then like the stress of the actor who goes on stage, he uses his expertise to bring to life his vision of the jewel. It is a matter now of using one’s talents to choose the appropriate setting. Then, meticulously, he prepares the metal to receive the gem, draws his nets at the stall and enshrines the stones one by one in gold or platinum. He completes his work by beading the grains or by folding the prongs of a bezel with infinite delicacy and great dexterity. The gemsetter advances in conjunction with the jeweller and polisher, sensitive to the fragility of the gems he works. The expertise of the gemsetter is to magnify the jewel, to bring to life its essence because, etymologically, jewellery is defined as the art of enhancing the stones.

Hayk - Gemsetter