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A birth jewel, crafted in a Living Heritage Company (EPV) to embody the essential and authentic family values

Offering a jewel for a birth means choosing the most timeless gift for the most unforgettable moment. A bracelet, ring or pendant made of precious metal and with love in our workshop will become the symbol of the preciousness of the family bond. Over time, it will become a talisman, the memory of a happy moment, a cherished object to be passed down through the generations. Offering a jewel at birth ensures delight, touches the heart, and inscribes the joyful event into the family’s history. A jewel is undoubtedly one of the most enduring gifts: it transcends the test of time, lasting a lifetime, and can be passed down, transformed, and recycled indefinitely. To offer a birth jewel is to offer a little piece of eternity!

At MATHON Paris, family is in our heart. The story of our Maison unfolds as a tale of a family cherishing timeless and authentic values, like the art of passing down through generations. On a daily basis, the most experienced artisans of the Maison pass down to the younger generation the ancestral techniques of French jewellery-making, handed down by our elders, our ancestors. Thus, we nurture the authenticity of the values that drive you in your quest for the perfect birth gift, a testament to your love and attachment to the family bond. Since 2007, Maison Mathon has been labelled a Living Heritage Company (in French, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), recognising its contribution to the French economic and historical heritage. Since its establishment in 1931, the workshop has cultivated a passion for creation while upholding the principles of French jewellery craftsmanship.


Offer a jewel made in Paris, environmentally friendly and imbued with ethical values, to convey a lasting message

Choosing to have your birthstone jewel crafted in our workshop ensures its local production in Paris, crafted in an environmentally friendly manner, while fully honouring the artisans who contributed to its creation. To celebrate the arrival of a newborn, you are undoubtedly seeking a lasting piece that contributes to a local economy through short supply chains. Our Parisian-made jewellery is handcrafted using traditional artisanal methods, crafted from recycled gold or certified CoC grandfathered gold, with no intermediaries between the manufacturing workshop and the customer. The assurance of purchasing quality work at a fair price, crafted nearby, is a guarantee of excellence.


Create your own birth jewel according to your own style

Working directly with a Parisian jewellery workshop grants you access to the essence of creation, enabling you to contribute to envision a unique piece that reflects your individual style or embodies the spirit of your family. Our custom-made service offers you a tailored approach, allowing you to draw your own ring, pendant or earrings. You can choose the gold colour and select it from a range of unique gemstones, to find the stone that speaks to your heart.

Choose the diamond for the symbol of eternity it bestows upon the jewellery it adorns.

Choose your child’s birthstone to personalise your present.

Did you know that each month is associated with a gemstone? In 1912, the American Gem Society published a list in the form of a calendar, associating a stone with each month.

Throughout history, dating back to antiquity, beliefs in the virtues of gems and minerals have flourished, giving rise to an intricate symbolism surrounding these precious stones. The concept of lithotherapy, born from the virtues of precious stones, emerged in the 1970s.


Exclusive services


All Mathon Paris jewellery comes in a presentation box accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a Mathon Paris shopping bag. On request, we can gift wrap the presentation box.

Engraving your jewellery

The Maison offers free customised engraving of your piece of jewellery: a first name, initials, dates or a short message will make your jewellery unique.

Greeting cards

You can customise your gift by sending us your message, which will be written on a Mathon Paris card accompanying your purchase.