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The Gold Pendant Necklace: the Perfect Choice for a Refined Look

Gold has been a precious material valued for centuries for its beauty and durability. Therefore, a gold pendant necklace is a wise choice to add brilliance to your style or to gift a loved one with quality that’s sure to please.

The history of gold for an exceptional pendant necklace

The history of gold, this precious material that has been cherished and coveted for millennia, is long and rich. Gold was first discovered about 6,000 years ago in Egypt, where it was used to make jewellery and prestige items. Gold was seen as a symbol of wealth and power.


Throughout the centuries, gold has continued to be cherished, finding use in many cultures across the globe. It has also served as currency in numerous nations and played a significant role in the economic history of many countries.

Today, gold remains prized for its beauty and value, and is extensively used in crafting jewellery, such as a gold pendant necklace, as well as in various industrial applications.

How to choose the perfect gold pendant necklace?

There are several aspects to consider when choosing a yellow gold pendant necklace:

  • The quality of gold: pure gold is too soft to be used in jewellery making, which is why it is typically alloyed with other metals to harden it. At Mathon Paris, we offer pendant necklaces in 14-karat gold, which means they are made of 58.5% pure gold. This ratio is considered ideal for jewellery making;
  • The design of the pendant: the pendant is the central element of the necklace, so it’s important to choose a model that you really like. Think about your personal style and what suits you best. You can also take into account the taste of the person you are gifting;
  • The length of the chain: the length of the chain is an element to be taken into account. Make sure you choose a length that works for you. Feel free to measure your neck size or seek advice from one of our master jewellers to ensure you make the right choice.

Moreover, if you want a custom-made piece, our master jewellers can craft for you a unique gold pendant necklace based on your ideas.

The gold pendant necklace, a versatile gift

A gold pendant necklace is the ideal gift for many occasions, whether it’s a birthday, a party or just to show your affection. Some gifting ideas involving a gold pendant necklace:

  • A heart-shaped pendant for a love declaration;
  • A diamond pendant for a special occasion;
  • A pendant with the initials for a personal touch;
  • A pearl-shaped pendant for an elegant and classic look.

A gold pendant necklace offers so many possibilities, so feel free to browse our selection to find the model that best suits your needs and tastes.

Exclusive services


All Mathon Paris jewellery comes in a presentation box accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a Mathon Paris shopping bag. On request, we can gift wrap the presentation box.

Engraving your jewellery

The Maison offers free customised engraving of your piece of jewellery: a first name, initials, dates or a short message will make your jewellery unique.

Greeting cards

You can customise your gift by sending us your message, which will be written on a Mathon Paris card accompanying your purchase.