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The Most Beautiful Rose Gold Necklaces for Women in Our Collection

The rose gold women’s necklace is a true jewellery icon. This precious and timeless metal adds a touch of refinement and delicacy to any attire. Are you in search of an elegant and original piece of jewellery for yourself or as a gift? Our collection of rose gold necklaces for women is a fabulous idea.

A women’s necklace in rose gold: refinement and understatement

The timeless rose gold necklaces appeal to women of all ages. Indeed, they add a touch of refinement to all styles because the pink tone of gold is particularly delicate and subtle, suitable for all skin tones.

The rose gold necklace for women is also an ideal gift for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to gift a piece of jewellery to your partner, your mother, or a friend, it will always make a lasting impression. Moreover, this piece symbolises affection and appreciation, making it cherished by all women who adore fine jewellery.

How is rose gold made?

To create a women’s rose gold necklace, rose gold is obtained by mixing yellow gold with copper. The ratio of copper varies according to the desired shade: the more copper there is, the pinker the gold will result. The mixture of gold and copper must be heated to a high temperature for the two metals to melt and mix properly.


Rose gold can also be obtained using white gold, and yellow gold is then mixed with palladium or nickel. By adding copper to white gold, you obtain rose gold. This method is less used because it can lead to a loss of gold quality due to the presence of less precious metals.


Rose gold is a precious and durable metal, which retains its shine and does not oxidise. This is why it’s very popular in jewellery and is used to create a variety of pieces, such as rose gold women’s necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. If you decide to acquire a rose gold jewellery piece, it’s important to take care of it so that it remains in perfect condition for as long as possible.

How is a rose gold women’s necklace made?

The crafting process for rose gold necklaces generally involves the following:


  1. First, our master jeweller chooses the quantity and quality of rose gold they need;
  2. The master jeweller draws the design of the necklace on paper or uses design software to create a virtual rendering of the jewel;
  3. Then, they cut the metal according to the design of the necklace, using a metal saw or a milling machine. If the necklace features precious gemstones, the master jeweller will also set them during this stage;
  4. The necklace is then polished to provide it with a shiny and smooth finish;
  5. Finally, the necklace undergoes thorough inspection to ensure its quality and compliance with safety standards.


The process of making a rose gold women’s necklace can vary depending on the type of jewellery and the method used by the master jeweller.

Exceptional jewellery for a unique collection

At Mathon Paris, we offer a wide selection of quality rose gold necklaces for women . Our collections include sleek and modern designs, adorned with diamonds, fine pearls or sapphires. Whether you’re seeking a subtle necklace or a more sophisticated piece of jewellery, you’re sure to find something to delight you among our creations.


Exclusive services


All Mathon Paris jewellery comes in a presentation box accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a Mathon Paris shopping bag. On request, we can gift wrap the presentation box.

Engraving your jewellery

The Maison offers free customised engraving of your piece of jewellery: a first name, initials, dates or a short message will make your jewellery unique.

Greeting cards

You can customise your gift by sending us your message, which will be written on a Mathon Paris card accompanying your purchase.